Student services and support programs


Student Well-being

An integral part of our work here at Redland Bay State School is the care of each member of our community, with a particular focus on the holistic development of each and every student. Our aim is to support all students to becomehappy, confident, and resilient lifelong learners who contribute to their communities.

The Redland State School wellbeing philosophy and programs have been developed within the Queensland Education Department’s student learning andwellbeing framework.

Purpose Statement

In addition to the wellbeing units that are embedded within the Australian Curriculum, RBSS subscribes to a philosophy of teachable moments and just in time learning to support the holistic development of our students. Aligned with our school values: Respectful, Responsible and Safe, these curriculum and life learning experiences are designed to support students to make healthy decisions, care for others, and meet the challenges of the future with hope and optimism.

​Our school is committed to a culture that nurtures and encourages the ongoing development of resilient, responsible, and happy individuals who are actively connected to our school and our wider community.

Student Well-being Team

Student wellbeing at RBSS refers to the promotion and maintenance of effective learning, positive mental health, good physical health, as well as the social and spiritual wellbeing of students within our care.

While every staff member is committed to student well-being we have a dedicated team who manage student well-being initiatives and services in our school. The student wellbeing team, is led by our Deputy Principal- Student Wellbeing, and includes: our Chaplain, a Guidance Officer, and a Speech Pathologist. Students requiring intervention may be referred by their teacher to the School’s Special Needs Assessment Committee (SNAC) who meet fortnightly to discuss students of concern.

Student Services 

Academic [Cognitive] Support

In addition to the in-class support provided by teachers and teacher aides, the following support services are available to prioritised students:

  • Cognitive assessment by our Guidance Officer
  • Repeated reading program
  • Learning support intervention

Social Skilling and Behaviour

In addition to the social skilling embedded in classroom activities, RBSS also offers:

  • a student Support Zone where students may have time out and/or  targeted support
  • a Chaplaincy service
  • a friendship club, which operates from the Support Zone at both lunch times

Personal Counselling

Counselling services are provided by our school Chaplain, our Guidance Officer, and our Deputy Principal- Student Wellbeing. Such services vary according to need and may support students to:

  • address and resolve specific problems
  • make decisions
  • cope with crisis
  • develop personal insights and knowledge 
  • improve their relationships with others

Student Leadership

Central to our school’s well-being plan is our aim for every student to contribute positively to themselves, others in the school, and the broader community. Our student leadership program supports this aim.


The extra-curricular activities provided at RBSS include sports, the visual and performing arts (including music, art and drama) and a range of other cultural activities and special interest clubs, such as: Craft, Games, Japanese, Boys’ Hip Hop, Robotics, Skipping, Table Tennis, Choir, Guitar, Tournament of Minds, Media, Environment, and Dance Troupe.

​The goal of our extracurricular program is to support students’ overall development; promoting connectedness and developing their self-awareness and teamwork and leadership skills. Our extracurricular program aims to provide students with opportunities to explore and develop their talents while making a contribution to the well-being of others.

Last reviewed 26 May 2022
Last updated 26 May 2022