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2 Minute Zone

Drop-off and pick-up area
The drop-off and pick-up zone creates a safe environment for children and keeps traffic moving. The area is signed (as shown) which means you have a maximum of 2 minutes to drop off or collect your child/children on entry to the area.
When using a drop-off and pick-up area you:
  • must use the area like a quick moving taxi rank
  • need to move forward in the queue of vehicles to the signed area
  • can get out of your vehicle to quickly help your children get in and out safely (once in the signed area)—however you must not walk away from your vehicle
  • are only allowed 2 minutes in the signed area (if you take any longer you can be fined)—if your children are not ready to get straight into your vehicle at pick-up time, you will need to drive round the roundabout and queue to enter the area again
  • should only let your children out once you have pulled into the signed area (it is dangerous to let them out while waiting in a queue)
  • should teach your children to look out for your vehicle and to get in quickly when you pull up
  • must enter front in (never reverse).
When exiting the 2 minute zone drivers are asked to make a Left Turn ONLY, in accordance with double centre line marking on Gordon Road. 
At peak times there are often queues in the drop-off and pick-up area outside the school. We ask for your patience by considering and acting in accordance with the instructions listed above.

The school has provided a safe waiting area for children between the PAC (Hall) and the school fence which is supervised each afternoon. For safety reasons children are to wait here until their vehicle has pulled into the signed area and it is safe for them to move to the footpath.
The school does not guarantee the safety of children who wait outside the designated waiting area. We ask for your continued cooperation to ensure the safety of all children every day and the orderly movement of traffic around the school.